Effective meetings F2F and virtually

Are your online meeting attendees multitasking?

Is your team multitasking during a virtual meeting? I.e. doing completely other stuff than concentrating and contributing to your meeting. Read Andrea Brockmeier's article about what to do about it.

Those of you who struggle with virtual team members multitasking during conference calls and online meetings can stop worrying about it because… they aren’t. That’s right. There is no multitasking going on in any of our brains. We simply are not wired to do it.
While there are different types of attention and a variety of opinions about the actual number of minutes that humans can remain focused, most sources indicate that the average sustained attention span of an adult is about 40 minutes. Think about it. Your typical meeting agenda has about as much likelihood of sustaining people’s attention for the duration of the meeting as I do of being drafted into the NHL. 

Then, how to make your online meetings so effective that you can brainstorm, discuss, refine, select and plan actions in your complicated business management topics in less than 40 minutes?

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