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The development of OPERA and the OPERAmeeting tool

Kari Helin founded Innotiimi Oy in 1984 around the OPERA method he had created. Since then, OPERA has become the ”workhorse” of Innotiimi-ICG, where the method continue to be heavily used in many Innotiimi-ICG’s trainings and facilitations. In fact, through OPERA and the insights behind it, the term participation was introduced in business vocabulary.


In 1996, in the infancy of data networks, Innotiimi created a Spin-Off company that produced the first LAN network operated digital OPERA. Later, in the year 2000, the service was available in web browsers and mobile devices. The solution was considerably ahead of its time, and specifically ahead of the development of operating systems and user interfaces of the time. The platform did not pick up then.

In 2007 at Hannover CeBit, Innotiimi-ICG was awarded ”Best Practice IT-award on Innovative Virtual Workshop Methods”, of using OPERA in virtual meetings. In 2011, Innotiimi-ICG started a partly public funded R&D project, which included developing a prototype of tablet and cloud based OPERA. Excited of the potential of the new platform, Innotiimi-ICG and some of its consultants founded a start up company Innotiimi Digital Services, Inc in 2014. The new company then produced a very easy-to-use cloud based OPERAmeeting tool. The tool works in Windows based PC’s and tablets.

Closing the circle in the development of OPERA, the original founding father of OPERA, Kari Helin, was making initial key contributions in the development and simplifying the OPERA to be suitable in virtual processes.

Download your own OPERAmeeting tool in this link.

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