Effective meetings F2F and virtually

Here, we have collected some key questions you might have. Please browse through also our Tutorial page

What is OPERAmeeting?

  • OPERAmeeting is an application to help teams to activate and involve the attendees as well as manage their information exchange better in meetings.

 Which devices OPERAmeetings is available for?

  • OPERAmeeting is currently available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.  
  • We will add other platforms (iOS, OS X, Android) in the future.

What does OPERAmeeting cost?

  • OPERAmeeting application is a free download for all, and it is always free to participate an OPERA Meeting session if you have been invited to one.
  • If you wish to invite an OPERAmeeting session, you will need to purchase and unlock a Facilitator's license, which costs 79€/year (or $99/year). There is a 30 days free trial available in an online purchase of the Facilitator's license.

Can I join a session at one device and log in and continue working on another device?

  • Users are device dependent. So, no possibility to start a session on one device and continue on another. You can set up a profile and join a session on other device as well, but it will be visible as another user in the session. 
  • The reason for this is making the user experience in terms of "logging in" as fluent as possible, while people are using the app on their personal devices.

What is an "asynchronous" meeting?

  • Asynchronous meeting means, that OPERAmeeting session can be held partly or completely without common meeting date and time. However, content can be created and refined together, independently from time and place, even during a timespan of several days.
  • When people are producing their Own ideas and then maybe developing Pair suggestions asynchronously, it may be a good idea to hold a short (30-60min) virtual or face-to-face meeting for the explaining the ideas, wrap up and decisions. Then, we talk about a Hybrid meeting.  
  • An asynchronous meeting is often the only way to get the key people brainstorming, developing ideas and making decisions together in a short notice.

I already use Skype for Business. Where I need OPERAmeeting then?

  • OPERAmeeting is designed to work alongside Skype for Business (and other VOIP online meeting services). It will greatly increase the effectiveness and involvement of your team in virtual meetings and in their preparation. 
  • The online meeting voice, video and screen sharing is made using e.g. Skype for Business, whereas the documentation and participative work is performed with OPERAmeeting. 
  • OPERAmeeting enables an effective and structured ideation, development of common suggestion, ranking and grouping of suggestions in your online meeting. The discussion is converted  into a crystallized common decision with the contribution of the whole team.


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