Effective meetings F2F and virtually

Large Account sales of the OPERAmeeting application and general questions, please contact risto.luostarinen(at)innotiimi.com

Interested in OPERA trainings or professional facilitation – in any of Innotiimi-ICG's 15 training languages? Drop an email at contact(at)innotiimi.com

You'll find Innotiimi-ICG's 120 facilitation professionals at www.innotiimi-icg.com

Address (Finland): Innotiimi Oy, Vapaalantie 2 A, 01650 VANTAA, Finland, tel: +358 9 855 3370, email: contact(at)innotiimi.com

Address (Sweden): Innotiimi AB Box 265, 821 23 Bollnäs, tel: +46/8/673 30 06, email: contact@innotiimi.se

The complete list of of the local Innotiimi-ICG contacts are at http://innotiimi-icg.com/about-us/contact/

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