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OPERA reading

There is a vast array of OPERA method's process descriptions, references and case examples also available online. Below, you'll find a few hand picked for you:

In this link, you can read and download an OPERA quick guide as a pdf file, available at Integrated Consulting Group (ICG) Austrian webpage. Another short description is available here at ICG Czech.

A very good practical experience of using OPERA method in Method Case Studies (by Tracey Powers-Erkkilä & Danica Klempová); OPERA description starts at page 80.

Short description of OPERA method at world-changers.org

Four techniques to avoid a collaborative-blackout, including World Cafe, OPERA, Diamond Ranking and Village by Mainograz. The post includes short descriptions of the methods, as well as strong points of the methods according to the writer's experience.  

REPORT OF BEST PRACTICES – Skills, Methods and Structures (SMS) to support that the voices of young people are considered in policy and decision making (Leonardo da Vinci Project), Sweden, Holland and Belgium, 2013–2015. Detailed process description of OPERA method, and a comprehensive case example.

Terroirs Comparison in Terms of Biomass Flows and Nitrogen Balance – Study Case of Diohine and Barry Sine in the Former Groundnut Basin, Master's Thesis, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Elise Audouin, 2014. A detailed case example in using OPERA 

Roadmap: Building Skills for Energy-Efficient Buildings, Lars Tullstedt and Åsa Douhan, The Swedish Construction Federation, 2013. A detailed OPERA method description, and an illustrated OPERA case description with results.

Convergence and Decision Making Methodologies and Practices, Art of Hosting online community, a discussion post by "Linda XX",  including description and experience of using OPERA (it's a long page, use your browser's search function to search OPERA on the webpage)

INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE IN DEPRIVED NEIGHBOURHOOD – Workshop on Intercultural competence, Mikael Stigendal, Malmö University, Sweden, 2009. A case description on using OPERA in an intercultural competence workshop.

Training on good Administration Procedure, the City of Tampere, Finland, 2005. Process description and case example with results using OPERA.

SELF-EVALUATION WORKBOOK FOR LOCAL ACTION GROUPS, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Government of Finland, Lic. Phil. Heimo Keränen, 2003. Description of OPERA method in Appendix 6.

User and Concept Studies as Tools in Developing Mobile Communication Services for the Elderly, M. Mikkonen, S. Väyrynen, V. Ikonen, and M. O. Heikkilä, Nokia Mobile Phones, Oulu, Finland and University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland, 2002. Case study of using OPERA (with results) in developing mobile services.

SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACT OF EUROPEAN SINGLE MARKET ON LITHUANIAN COMPANIES, METHODOLOGY MANUAL, Hannu Hernesniemi and Pekka Lindroos, 2000. A detailed OPERA method description + case study with results, starting at page 49. 

Blog series of phases of O-P-E-R-A 

This is a blog series of OPERA phases, originally posted at Innotiimi-ICG webpage.

O PhaseWhat is in common with a jar of pennies and a good meeting? Read more of the OPERA's O phase, Own thinking. 

P Phase: P from phobia? No, P from pairs! Read more of the OPERA's P phase, the Pair work.

E Phase: The OPERA phase E is for EXPLAIN; but also for Enthusiasm, Energy, Engagement.  Read more of the OPERA's E phase, the Explaning.

R PhaseMake Good Stronger than Bad. Read more about OPERA's R phase the Ranking.

A Phase: Less is more: Read more about OPERA's A phase, the Arranging, the most impactful activity of the process. 





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